Comfort Club

The Beacon Comfort Club is a maintenance agreement, very different from a traditional service contract. This plan is designed to provide basic service to the customers with newer and well maintained equipment.

Become a Comfort Club Member and Save Money, And Get These Great Benefits:

Discounts on repairs: Members get a 10% discount on labor and parts on service calls. (This also includes Plumbing Services)

Less stress and inconvenience: Fewer breakdowns also means less stress, less inconvenience, and lower overall repair.

Equipment longevity: Maintained equipment lasts longer than non-maintained equipment. Same with any mechanical device. It is maintained to avoid the cost of replacing equipment prematurely.

Lower operating cost: Maintained equipment runs at a lower operating cost, which means lower electric and oil or gas bills.

One less thing to remember: As a convenience to you we will contact you when your due for your precision tune-up.

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