Tune It Up

Turning of the leaves harkens the end of summer, the return to school and the beginning of the heating season. Now is the time to have your heating system serviced and checked before it gets really cold.


Your heating system is the “heart” of your home and it needs to be cared for. You can help to increase energy efficiency and prevent future problems with the recommended annual maintenance. The yearly “tune-up” on your furnace (or boiler) and water heater is important regardless of whether you heat with oil, propane or natural gas.


Each system has very specific requirements for servicing. These should include a comprehensive check of all fuel (oil or gas) connections, pressures, burner combustion and heat exchangers. Many systems need to be brushed and vacuumed on a yearly basis. A dirty burner or damaged heat exchanger can cause the equipment to operate less safely and with poor efficiency. If you heat with a furnace or heat pump, the air filter should be changed for improved indoor air quality and proper airflow. An annual tune-up should also include a check of the equipment controls to ensure that the system will start and stop as required and that all of the safety controls are working properly.


If you have had a new system installed, the annual maintenance of your equipment is not only recommended… in most cases, it is required as part of the manufacturer’s warranty. The service needs to be done by a properly trained HVAC service technician utilizing the necessary diagnostic tools.


Even though fuel prices are fairly low right now, having a licensed and insured HVAC company tune-up your system annually, will go a long way to reducing your energy consumption, greatly increase the longevity of your equipment and will help to eliminate those costly after hours service calls. Don’t wait until the system fails. Call your service company today and tell them you need a tune-up!